3 Tips For Fundraising On Facebook

by George Konetes | Feb 1, 2019 | Digital, Fundraising

It is no secret that Facebook has become a giant player in the advertising universe, but it is not as prominent when it comes to fundraising. Facebook provides an often-untapped opportunity to reach people who might be interested in your mission and vision. But reaching and mobilizing those people requires thinking out of the box.

Many ministries and organizations have no substantial Facebook fundraising initiatives because the traditional approaches they have tried just didn’t work. We have discovered that what works elsewhere does not usually work on Facebook, but there is a way…

Facebook fundraising is different. Consider why people use Facebook, what they are doing there, and how you can pique their interest.

People use Facebook to unwind, to connect with friends, and to have fun. They are not there looking for ministry needs or things that challenge them. They need to be moved from a mindset of leisure — to a mindset of action.

It is a big mental jump for sure, but it can be done. These three tips can help:

  • Donor Acquisition – Facebook’s greatest strength may be in reaching new people who are sympathetic to your cause. Yes, it is a good medium for re-engaging existing donors, but its ability to reach new donors is invaluable. Done correctly, new donors can be acquired at a very reasonable cost. While it may take some time to cultivate strong relationships with these new donors, many will become regular repeat donors to your ministry or organization. Make cost per new donor your measure of success.
  • Micro Donations – Since people use Facebook for leisure, it is more difficult to prompt large gifts. But small asks are much more achievable. There is a sense of being active and socially responsible that comes from making the occasional $5 or $10 donation to a cause you believe in. And often, users give more than that, but the idea of making a difference for $5 will help them click to your donation page where they can read more about your work and become more invested in your cause.
  • Specific Causes – A common reason for failure in Facebook fundraising is that the cause is too vague. Someone may give $5 to feed a hungry child, but it is less likely they will give $5 to “help children”. You need to be as specific as possible about what the money will do, where it will do it, and why more money will do more good. If your organization’s mission is not very specific, then focus on a specific project, initiative, or outreach.

The fundamental rule for fundraising on Facebook is testing. Test multiple ideas, learn from them and test more. I have seen Facebook campaigns where the cost per new donor was 400% better than a ministry’s next best initiative. But rarely will you see a homerun from the first campaign you test. With diligence and careful testing, you will discover that Facebook can become a valuable instrument in your fundraising toolbox.

Infinity Concepts can help you build a successful Facebook fundraising strategy. Let’s talk!

George Konetes

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