Amplify Your Message By Building Your Digital Tribe

by George Konetes | Dec 6, 2019 | Digital

Every brand, organization, church, and ministry has a tribe. Your tribe is not just the people who buy from you or donate to you. They are the people who rally around your mission, ideas, or leadership. If you want to reach your full potential, you need more than just transactional relationships, you need an engaged tribe. Digital media provides tools, strategies, and techniques that can enable you to amplify your message, multiply your impact, and strengthen your digital tribe.

5 Tribe Building Platforms

The following tools have been successfully used to build flourishing digital tribes. Keep in mind that while one can be used in a vacuum, often two or three are used to create a more immersive experience. One platform is usually the staple, and one or two others may support it.

  1. Facebook – Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is a difficult primary platform to use for building a tribe, but it can be done. The appeal is that so many people are on Facebook, you can reach people who connect with your message. The challenge is that the tools do not make it easy to reach everyone in your tribe reliably. Facebook pages work to some extent, but groups usually work best for creating community. More often we have seen Facebook used as a supporting mechanism for a tribe, something that adds to the primary communication platform.
  2. Podcast – This is one of the most effective tools for building a tribe. Podcasting lets you speak right into the ear of your audience. It is very intimate and allows you to share your heart and vision in a unique and in-depth way. A tribe that is built through podcasting is perhaps the most engaged, informed, and loyal. The downside is that while the podcast audience is growing, only a fraction of the population listens to podcasts. So your potential audience is limited.
  3. LinkedIn – Groups are the one tool that LinkedIn provides that enable tribe growth and interaction. I have seen very few tribes thrive on LinkedIn because of how people use the platform and because few people are regularly active on the platform. But if you have the right niche and you can connect with this audience, it could be your best tool. LinkedIn seems to be an all or nothing tool in this application. Either it is a great fit or it is not effective, there is not much in-between. So do not stress over trying to make it work if it is not for you.
  4. Blog – Blogging is often poorly used and underestimated when it comes to building a tribe. Because there are so many blogs and many are nothing more than content mills, it is hard to cut through the noise. But people still appreciate and rally around compelling content. When it comes to tribe building, you cannot have run of the mill content and talk in generalities. You need to be specific, poignant, and all in. Using a blog to get SEO traffic is a legitimate strategy, but that differs from creating a community. Do not worry so much about the search engines, focus on touching the hearts of your audience. Blogs work well when paired with email and podcasts.
  5. Email – An invaluable component to building any tribe is email. This is a platform you can own and control. Whether it is your primary platform or a support platform, it is hard to be effective at the highest levels without being able to engage your community through their inbox. Email is as close as you get to guaranteed delivery in many cases, and that is important for special announcements, sending your regular content, or perhaps just pointing people to your content on your primary platform.

Final Take Away

Not every organization has the culture to grow a tribe. Some are too transactional, lack motivation, or do not have the time to invest. But the good news is that every one of those barriers can be removed. It might take some work, but if you have it in your heart, you can make the adjustments, change your culture, and amplify your message by building your tribe.

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George Konetes

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