5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Cost Per Lead

by George Konetes | Jan 24, 2020 | Digital

Leads are the lifeblood of most organizations. Some may call them prospects, new names, potential donors, or opportunities. But they are essentially new people who are interested in your mission, vision, or product and have taken a step towards your organization that enables you to contact them. Leads come as a result of getting your message out there, word of mouth, and in the context of this post, your marketing. The more quality leads you can get for your media budget the more potential supporters you have to cultivate.

Here are 5 ways to improve efficiencies for your digital lead generation campaigns:

  1. Less is more. It is human nature to go on-and-on about things we are passionate about. But if your message is clear, your cause is strong, and you are talking to the right people, it should not take 2,000 words to convince people to take a non-financial action. Be concise. The more you write, the less many people read.
  2. If something is going to be perfect, make it the targeting. Showing the best ad to the wrong people does not work. Make sure you can get your marketing in front of the right audience. And be sure to test multiple segments of that audience to find the strongest matches.
  3. Sometimes the unlikely ad performs best. What stands out and catches people’s eye is not always the most aesthetically appealing creative. In fact, sometimes the least likely ad is the top performer. Be careful not to dismiss ideas because you do not like them, results trump feelings. When in doubt, test.
  4. Align expectations. What you say on your image should align with your copy. Both of those should align perfectly with your call to action, which needs to flow into the landing page. If users find something on the landing page that they did not expect, they are much more likely to dismiss your message. The better the alignment, the better the conversion rate.
  5. Remarket to your clicks. If someone clicks on your marketing but does not convert, they are often warmer than any other audience segment. Remarket to that failed click and give them another chance to finish what they started.

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