Supercharge Your Donor Acquisition with Remarketing

by George Konetes | Mar 13, 2020 | Digital

Remarketing is the process of targeting users who have digitally viewed or interacted with some component of your brand. It is a pervasive digital marketing technique in the for-profit sector, but it also has big value for non-profits as well. It is a particularly effective strategy for digital donor acquisition campaigns. In fact it does more than that, it supercharges your campaigns.

Supercharging Your Campaigns

When it comes to cars, a supercharger is a special type of air compressor that can be added to an engine. It uses some of the power that the engine already generates to pressurize the air going into the motor. More air pressure means more volume of oxygen in the same space. More oxygen burning with more fuel results in the same sized engine creating more power.  Remarketing does the exact same thing for your donor acquisition campaigns; it uses resources that are already there to create more effect.

Supercharged Results

Recently I pulled data from three of the longest running social media campaigns for three of our clients. The ads which utilized remarketing had increases in performance over the campaign averages by 26%, 35%, and 28%. That means remarketing ads are acquiring new donors at an average of 30% less cost than the campaign average. Those are supercharged results right there!

How It Works

Normally you would run digital ads to try and reach new people who are interested in your message, with the hope of some of them deciding to support your work and becoming donors. Generally speaking, many people will visit your website as a result of your efforts, but only a small percentage will become donors. This means most of the website traffic you generate is essentially lost potential. But remarketing changes that.

Remarketing turns your lost website traffic into one of your greatest prospecting assets. Think about it, those people who came to your site had some kind of interest or affinity for your organization. Maybe they weren’t ready to give, maybe it was a bad time of day, or they were on vacation, or financially it was not a good month for them. Remarketing enables you to reach out to those users who demonstrated interest and give them the opportunities, time, and perhaps the additional information they need to take action.

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