Three New Digital Marketing Channels You Should Consider

by Mark Dreistadt | Jul 23, 2021 | Digital, Media

Early in 2020, Infinity Concepts embarked on a new adventure. Working with a technology partner, we set up a new digital marketing platform to create a new way to communicate within the Christian community. The technology itself was not new, but the innovative integration of that technology is revolutionary. We call this new platform Inspire Ads.

For the first 18 months we used this technology with just a few select clients. During that time, we tweaked, adjusted, and worked through a few issues to optimize performance. Now, we are fully ready to go. This Inspire Ads platform creates a new way to interact with the Christian community. Let me tell you about Inspire Ads …

The Inspire Ads digital platform is made up of four components:

Inspire Ads Four Components

These four components are integrated together to provide an incredible set of tools for every ministry, nonprofit, publisher and advertiser. First, let me give you some definitions:

Real Time Bidding (RTB) – This technology enables advertising inventory to be bought and sold on a per-impression basis through an instantaneous automated (programmatic) auction. Like the financial markets, over thirty ad exchanges bid for remnant ad space that Inspire Ads makes available on our publishers’ websites. Our team optimizes these bids to provide the best possible revenue for our publisher clients.

Proprietary Bible-Based Ad Filtering – This technology prevents inappropriate or undesired ads from being shown on our publishers’ websites. Filters read the actual ad content (text and graphics). Many publishers are wary of remnant advertising because it is often filled with inappropriate or poor-quality ads. The Inspire Ads filtering system eliminates this concern and allows web publishers to experience the benefits of remnant advertising without any of the worries.

Audience Extension – This technology turns browsers into buyers, cruisers into customers, and dabblers into donors. A cookie is placed on the browser of every visitor to your website. This cookie allows this visitor to be found anywhere on the Internet.

You have probably experienced this process, called retargeting, without realizing it. For example, you look at a pair of shoes online; suddenly you find that pair of shoes follows you to other websites for the next few days.

Audience Extension uses a similar technology, except in our model, these cookies are collected and stored perpetually, providing a pre-qualified audience for future marketing campaigns. Additionally, your visitors can be combined with visitors from other websites with compatible content to reach an even larger audience.

Big Data Integration – This technology enables targeted marketing to any audience built through Audience Extension, whether from a single website or across the entire Inspire Ads Network. Big Data companies collect behavioral and demographic information on everyone. By applying big data filters to extended audiences, advertising becomes much more targeted and cost effective. Colleges can target adults with teenage children, churches can target people who live in their area, films can target consumers of entertainment, book publishers can target people who buy books, ministries can target people who contribute to similar causes, and the list goes on and on.

So, how does this type of marketing work? I am so glad you asked …


If you are a ministry or publisher who accepts advertising on their website, Inspire Ads Worry-Free Ads program is for you. Through the combination of our Real Time Bidding platform and our proprietary Bible-Based Filtering System, we can fill 100% of your available ad space with worry-free ads sold at the best rates in the market.

I believe every organization should participate in Inspire Ads Audience Extension. If you are a business, nonprofit, ministry or publisher, the Inspire Ads Audience Extension tools can revolutionize your ability to reach the right audience—with the right message—at the right time.

It costs nothing to get started and only requires placing a simple code on your web pages. This is something your web team can do. Of course, Infinity Concepts is happy to assist with placing the code if you prefer.

Once you are part of the Inspire Ads family, we will track and aggregate every visitor to your website. The Extended Audience can be reached two ways:

  1. You can target your visitors through an inexpensive banner ad campaign. Example: A campaign of 500,000 impressions to your audience starts as low as $1,500*. Prices vary based on the big data filters required.
  2. You can target the aggregated Inspire Ads Audience (currently 5 million users). A campaign of 500,000 impressions to this audience starts as low as $2,000*. Prices vary based on the big data filters required.* A campaign of 500,000 impressions to this audience to non-members of the Inspire Ads family starts at $3,000.

Additional filters can be added to your campaign to specifically target your audience. Each filter adds a nominal cost, but significantly increases the effectiveness of the campaign.

Each of these tools will revolutionize your marketing and communication strategies. Through Inspire Ads, you can communicate to Christian people you could not reach before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today. We will be happy to answer all your questions and get you started as a member of the Inspire Ads family.

Simply CLICK HERE or reach out to:

Join us on the great digital communication adventure!

Mark Dreistadt

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