Two Decades of Innovation

by Mark Dreistadt | Feb 28, 2022 | News

What does it take to build a premier Christian brand communications agency that serves clients not only across America but also around the globe? Consider the story of Infinity Concepts.

A Big Idea
During my early career, I led multiple businesses and ministries, with an emphasis on marketing and media. When needed, I hired agencies and consultants to help with challenges and overall growth. I found, however, that I often had to wade through conflicting counsel.

I saw the need to create a new kind of agency that was more comprehensive and in-tune with client objectives. I believed there would be no limit to God’s blessing if I could provide organizations with help in two specific areas:

  • strategic thinking to best fulfill God’s calling
  • expertise in the specialized fields of branding, marketing, fundraising, and media

That was my vision for Infinity Concepts – a new kind of agency, one built to meet those two needs via four key objectives:

  1. Offer all agency disciplines under one roof. At the time, most organizations had to hire a different agency for each discipline: fundraising, public relations, major donor cultivation, media placement, creative, etc. I saw a need for an agency that better inspired people to take action by offering continuity of thought and strategy across all disciplines.
  1. Build memorable and consistent brands. Most organizations then – and now – have unfocused and ineffective brands. Infinity Concepts could help clients build the brand needed to meet strategic objectives in innovative ways.
  1. Provide an integrated communication ecosystem. With Infinity Concept’s help to focus on consistent brand messaging across all platforms, organizations would no longer unwittingly communicate different messages through different channels.
  1. Help clients say the right things, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. This new agency would work hard to understand a client’s desired audience, go where they are, and speak their language.

This agency concept was revolutionary at the time. Yet it became reality in February 2002.

A Simple Beginning
Infinity Concepts began with my wife, Susie, and I working at the kitchen table in our suburban Pennsylvania home. Very quickly, we recognized the need for more help and additional expertise. At first, we enlisted the aid of freelancers. But within a year we began to hire staff to provide full-time support for our growing list of clients.

Within two years, Infinity Concepts grew to an eight-employee home-based operation. Soon after, in mid-2004, we moved to our new location in Export, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh).

From this space, our dedicated staff worked with Christian ministries across the country. In those early years, we grew and refined our business model until Infinity Concepts emerged as the integrated brand communications agency it is today.

A History of Innovation
In 2006, we went international and became the Christian marketing and public relations agency for the Israel Ministry of Tourism for North and South America. This season stretched our creativity and resources to new limits, and Infinity Concepts developed greater depth and capability. During this season, we established ourselves as a catalyst for building effective Jewish-Christian relations.

Through the years, Infinity Concepts continually broadened service options and developed new strategies. By embracing digital media early on, we developed effective digital donor communication models and a broad base of digital services to complement traditional media and fundraising strategies.

In 2015, Pittsburgh Business Times honored Infinity Concepts as one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in Pittsburgh.

In 2020, we received the National Religious Broadcasters annual award for Best Digital Experience for production of the weekly podcast Health, Hope & Inspiration.

Today, Infinity Concepts represents about 50 clients – many based in Israel. In addition to the nonprofit and ministry sectors, we serve clients in health care, hospitality, broadcasting, retail, and tourism.

Infinity Concepts’ contagious commitment to effectiveness, integrity, and excellence is modeled by our growing team of professionals. Each team member brings unique skills, experiences, and abilities that clearly complement the expertise we offer as America’s premier Christian brand communications agency.

An Exciting Future
In many ways, it feels like we are just getting started. In the face of evolving technology, shifting culture, and ever-changing behaviors. Infinity Concepts stands at the cutting edge. We remain focused on effective engagement of the Christian community while bringing innovation to donor communications and strategic solutions to client challenges.

At Infinity Concepts, we are always deeply committed to every client’s success. To help clients say the right things, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time, we continually research the culture, upgrade technology, innovate processes, and optimize all opportunities.

God has blessed the hard work of Infinity Concepts these past 20 years – and it appears that the future is bright for this innovative agency to blaze new trails in the years ahead.

Mark Dreistadt
Founder, President, & CEO at Infinity Concepts

Mark has a long and distinguished history of transforming organizations through his strategic counsel, innovation, and blended approach to branding, marketing, advertising, fundraising, and media.

Mark Dreistadt

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