What Is a Strategy?

by George Konetes | Mar 18, 2022 | Consulting, Fundraising

If there is one big overused and misused word I hear on a regular basis, it is “strategy.” This term is thrown around loosely and used in many different ways—not all bad—but the meaning is often lost or skewed. If I were going to boil it down to the simplest definition, I would say a strategy is what we are going to do and why we are going to do it.

One of the most valuable things I can offer to anyone—a client, a team member, a friend, or church member—is strategy. Many times, people take a biblical text and equate wisdom with strategy. That is a reasonable way to look at it, but it is not complete. A strategy is more than wisdom. Or rather, a strategy needs to be built upon wisdom.

At its most core definition, wisdom has to do with skill, insight, and perception. Strategy takes those pieces and puts them together into a course of action and rationale that accounts for all the variables. A perfect strategy is the highest culmination of wisdom and its application.

Sometimes a strategy is the result of painstaking study, testing, analysis, research, and leg work. Other times it comes as a shock of inspiration, likely an unattributed product of great experience, mastery, and foresight. A strategy may need to be refined and proven before it can be found to be reliable.

In any event, a good strategy can guide a campaign, a team, an organization, or a life, to a place of success and fruitfulness, if one follows the strategy and does not succumb to distraction.

I have seen great strategies dissected and killed on committee meeting room tables. This can happen when the wisdom is not understood or the tombs of data and experience which precisely crafted the strategy were not apparent or were presumed equivalent to the many opinions in the room.

Conversely, I have seen people both great and small obtain impressive results by following a good strategy, even when they did not understand it all.

When it comes to organizational leadership, fundraising, or reaching any objective, strategy is second to nothing. Everything we do is based upon a strategy of some sort. Make sure yours is a good one.

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George Konetes

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