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by Clem Boyd | Nov 11, 2022 | Public Relations

For people of faith, the biblical maxim found in 2 Corinthians 9:6 may come to mind as you consider sharing your public relations story, “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

I wholeheartedly believe in that truth. Each February (and occasionally in March), as the last snow of the winter lays peacefully on my yard, I take my broadcast spreader for a little off-road spin, churning out grass seed all over the lovely white scene, while snowflakes clump to my wheels. Crazy? Hey, my local hardware store guy said the seed sinks into the ground better as that last snow melts. My greening yard each spring testifies to his wisdom.

While I’ve just made a strong appeal to broadcast your message, I would like to add that sometimes, when it comes to PR, tossing seed into specific soil is better than always using a toss-it-everywhere approach. Let me explain.

As you craft your pitch, take a moment, and ask a few questions:

Is there a specific geographical audience that would find this story interesting?

Does this story appeal to a specific demographic based on age, education, political leanings, faith/religious background, hobbies, or interests?

What reporter may find this story particularly intriguing?

You may decide that a broadcast blast is the best approach, but a targeted send in addition to, or instead of, the big send may be wiser.

Journalists receive a bounty of emails with great ideas, and you don’t want to contribute to pitch fatigue. By choosing a targeted approach, you can connect with media for whom your story has highest appeal.

One benefit to this approach is that you can tailor a message to that specific demographic. Sending a story with a strong tie to North Carolina? Sprinkle in verbiage that references Asheville or the Triangle or the Outer Banks, depending on the story, of course.

Talking to sports media? Salt in a few game analogies and jargon without overdoing it. Talking about a hobby? Include vernacular from that interest group.

You might even microtarget by sending out individual emails. It’s a good habit to develop those relationships one-on-one as you’re able, because the goal isn’t simply to have an outlet run your story, but to build a relationship, especially with those who have been responsive before. And that very focused relationship may provide the right conditions for your big story to really bloom.

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