E-Newsletter Secrets: How Publishers Can Increase Readership and Subscriptions

by Andy Walker | May 12, 2023 | Digital

As a presenter at the Evangelical Press Association’s Christian Media Convention, I had the opportunity to lead a workshop that focused on the importance of e-newsletters for publishers. Publishers face the challenge of growing their audience and acquiring new paid subscribers, and while social media platforms can generate a boost in traffic, they do not guarantee recurring readers. E-newsletters provide a solution to this problem by offering a consistent way to reach their audience and increase readership. In this article, I’ll be sharing insights and strategies from my presentation to help you develop an effective e-newsletter strategy.

The Challenge
In today’s media landscape, publishers are facing more challenges than ever before when it comes to growing their readership and acquiring new paying subscribers. While social media platforms offer a great way to reach new audiences, they don’t necessarily guarantee consistent readership. With social media algorithms that are constantly changing, publishers can’t rely on social media alone to bring back recurring readers on a consistent basis. The decrease in organic reach has also led to decreased traffic and readership. Publishers need to find new and effective solutions to reach their target audiences and keep them engaged. This is where e-newsletters come in!

The Opportunities
E-newsletters are a reliable and consistent way for publishers to reach their readers. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 33 percent of Americans prefer to get their news from email newsletters, and this number has been increasing in recent years. Plus, newsletters have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 7.81 percent, which is significantly higher than social media’s 1.82 percent CTR.

By providing valuable content and building a personal relationship with readers, e-newsletters provide publishers with a clear path for cultivating new paid subscribers and increased revenue. According to a survey by Mather Economics, subscribers who signed up for newsletters were 17 percent more likely to become paying subscribers compared to those who did not sign up for newsletters. (Mather Economics) In another study, newsletters accounted for 39 percent of new subscribers and emerged as the leading source of new subscriptions for publishers. (Mequoda)

Get Started
To make the most out of e-newsletters, publishers need to develop a comprehensive strategy that defines what types of emails to send out, how often to send them, and what content to include. A key consideration when developing an e-newsletter strategy is finding a sustainable approach that aligns with an organization’s capacity and staffing. Consistency is king in developing a successful plan.

Here are just a few examples of the types of e-newsletters that are popular with readers:

Daily Headlines: Provides subscribers with the day’s latest top stories. 

Weekly Recap: Offers a recap of the week’s news, top stories, or most popular articles.

Breaking News Alerts: Provides immediate updates on important breaking news.

Specialized/Topic-Specific: Offers content specific to a particular writer or media personality and caters to specific interests.

Event-based: Created for specific events, providing subscribers with information about the event, including schedules, speaker bios, and daily highlights.

E-newsletters hold tremendous potential for publishers looking to overcome the challenges of growing their audience and increasing their subscriber base. By implementing an effective strategy, publishers can tap into the growing preference for newsletters as a source of news and information. With higher click-through rates and the ability to track and analyze reader data, publishers gain valuable insights to tailor their content and increase reader engagement.

Incorporating e-newsletters into your publishing strategy can transform your readership and unlock new opportunities for revenue growth. Embrace the power of e-newsletters and watch as your audience expands, your readership thrives, and your organization flourishes in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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Andy Walker

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