The Experience Gap: 3 Keys for Effective Donor Relations

by Mark Dreistadt | Feb 6, 2012 | Fundraising, Public Relations

An Experience Gap is the distance between what donors expect from your organization and what donors actually experience.  The challenge faced by any non profit, ministry, church, or other organizations involved in fundraising is connecting with their donor’s hearts and expectations.

1) Understand Donor Expectations

Your donors want to really make a difference in the world. They have recognized that your organization is making a difference – and as a result, they have invested their time and money into your organization so that they can be part of changing the world, even if it just in a small way.  They have an expectation that their gift, their time, their talent will reap a certain benefit.

2) Shrinking the Gap

Whatever your ministry, God has called you to do something great! But sometimes a donor’s experience is not consistent with the vision we espouse; a donor’s experience may not live up to the expectation you created. I recommend that you take a close look at how effectively you are meeting your donors’ expectations and try to make the experience gap as small as possible.

3) Better Donor Experiences

I want to challenge you today to raise the satisfaction level of each donor’s experience… engage them, let them know you, get to know them, build a relationship with them so that you understand their heart and they understand yours. The better their experience, the stronger their commitment; the smaller the experience gap, the happier your donors are going to be; the happier you keep your donors, the more likely they are to fund the vision God has given you.

Mark Dreistadt

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