3 Huge Ways That Regular Blogging Can Generate SEO Juice

by George Konetes | Mar 8, 2012 | Creative, Digital

Just about everybody is blogging these days, and I do mean everybody.  But did you know that a lot of people who blog aren’t doing it for the right reasons?  Many of them don’t even know the right reasons.  And some of the biggest reasons to blog are the SEO benefits and these are of major value whether you’re a business, non-profit, small church, or high profile media ministry.

A lot of people struggle to see how this benefits a small church and a local small business the same way it benefits a major corporation or charity, but SEO juice is quite healthy for everyone.  Blogging is the first social media step of even the most basic inbound marketing strategy to help you get found online.  And everyone wants to get found online, it’s the main purpose of being there.

Say you’re a local plumber and someone types “Need plumbing help fast” into Google.  You want to be at the top of the list of search results.  The same is true for every other type of organization.  And yes, Google already knows where you are, so your search results are almost always tailored to your geographic region, even if they aren’t directly specified.

So how does blogging, and more specifically regular blogging, help crank out more SEO Juice?

1) Visitors — More and New

When you blog you are opening up a new traffic channel to your website.  It’s kind of like opening up an ice cream stand right next to a sunglasses shop.  All of a sudden you’re giving people a reason to come by your stand who might not have paid much attention to you before.  And because they are outside eating ice cream in the sun, they have all of a sudden a found new appreciation for your sunglasses.  Blogging is the same way, it brings more people to your site, and brings new people from a variety of places.

2) More Quality Keywords

Not everyone has a huge website full of keyword rich pages, and to be quite honest, not everyone should.  Your blog however helps to take up the slack concerning keywords.  If you’re a graphic design company, you may only have a couple of pages with any substantial text on them.  But if you have a blog then you can churn out all the keyword rich content you need and still keep your site from looking like a text book.  All these keywords, which flow naturally and easily in context, are readily available to search engines.  This way you can have more versatility with what keywords you can be found under.

3) More Traffic = Better Search Results

This is the more advanced one.  A regular blog with quality content will boost your website traffic.  A 30% increase isn’t a stretch at all, and 300% or more is sometimes possible.  This traffic increase has two major effects.  First, there are simply more people seeing your site and getting involved with whatever is there and this is always good.  Second, the higher your website traffic is, the higher your website will rank in search results.  So even if all of these new web visitors aren’t doing anything on your site, their silent presence still has some value.  This is because Google now sees your site as more significant because it has more traffic, and they will give you higher rankings in the search results because of it.  All of this equates to getting found easier.

So it’s as simple as that.  Get new visitors, get more keywords out there for search engines to find, and get the search engines to give you higher rankings because you have more traffic.  Certainly there are additional things you can do and should do in order to capitalize on this new web traffic, but that’s another blog post.

Think you’re the exception? You’re not.  But these are good steps to take no matter what your organization is and where you are in the inbound marketing process.

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George Konetes

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