Context is Key To Mobile Marketing Management

by Infinity Concepts | Aug 13, 2012 | Creative

Many of us are accepting of change; others maybe not so much. However, I have always considered myself to be one of those people willing and ready to change whenever the occasions in my life deemed it would be necessary. Even in the past few months, I can vividly remember speaking about change, learning to embrace it, its imminence, and the consequences of not being ready for it. Yet there are always those things that take us a bit more time to catch up on. There are some things that we just do not learn to fully embrace instantaneously. For me, I am talking about the changes in mobile technology. Jumping on board the mobile bandwagon took me quite some time to catch on to at first.

It all occurred to me when I realized that cell phones today are actually “old news.” Mobile devices have taken precedence, and no longer are they the additional communication mediums that we once thought they would be. Instead, they have become a primary communication medium that most of us must learn to carry and utilize in our day-to-day lives.

Making the Jump to Mobile

Of course, I made the jump to mobile the last time I was at the local wireless provider and realized that the cell phone selection has dwindled to a very small minority. My first step to mobile was an upgrade to smartphone, and then to the iPad. But all of this left me with one nagging question: With three primary communication devices in place (the PC, smartphone, and iPad), how exactly will I manage each of these. It is this question that is much more meaningful to organizations that are looking to capitalize on effective marketing. How exactly can an organization manage its brand image through all of these communication sources?

Mobile Marketing Management

Mobile marketing truly is the essence of what is known as “inbound marketing” (elements of marketing transmitted through online, digital, and mobile sources). Mobile removes all distracting communication barriers, and it goes straight to the heart of what it means to engage with customers in an anytime, anywhere format. But the first way organizations fail with mobile is by not having a well-constructed strategy in place. Some organizations hold on to the mentality that I once had: “that mobile is the future and I’ll catch up when it finally arrives.” However, the truth is that it has arrived, and not having come up with a plan or a mobile marketing strategy now is a recipe for disaster in the future. Surf the mobile marketing wave now, because you never know what might happen later.

Content is Key – So Is Context

Sure, some have a mobile strategy in place, but it is certainly not an easy thing to capitalize on. Some are just now catching on to coordinating an effective internet marketing strategy. But with something that is relatively as new as mobile, marketing strategies can get confusing.

Experts always told us that “content” was key to marketing and advertising, and especially for effective internet marketing. It certainly is. But with mobile, you will quickly learn that not only is content key, but “context” is key. And it is actually more important. Much consideration must be made before you decide the type of content to produce. Obviously without taking into consideration the context; content such as whitepapers, videos, and rich media content can look appalling on a mobile smart screen. And navigating such content is just as appalling.

The Keep It Simple Strategy

The foremost consideration is to have a “keep it simple strategy.” Determine your main marketing objective, be as straightforward as possible, and move on from there. This means your mobile marketing campaign should not force the visitors to make too many choices. People only have about 30 seconds to click, scroll through, and make a decision. They are not going to sit, search, and ponder about an organization’s true objective.  Your strategy should focus on these three tips:

  • Know your objective
  • Have a simple call-to-action
  • Keep content in context

The rise in mobile usage in the last few years has been extraordinary. It is hard to imagine what the mobile landscape will look like a few years from now. However, mobile is here to stay and if you do not get on board with it now, it could be close to impossible to catch up with later down the road.

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