3 ways to truly measure the impact of Christian television

by Mark Dreistadt | Apr 1, 2013 | Media

For all the talk about ratings and market share, measuring the impact of Christian television comes down to gauging response on two fronts: changed lives and dollars raised. It means that if you want to know if you are a success  Christian ministry program, you simply need to look at your overall ministry impact and the financial response being generated.

Of course, generating consistently positive response in these two areas is not as easy as merely willing it to happen. To build and sustain significant response, you must engage and involve viewers. How? Here are three keys:

1) Quality of Content: Whether or not people will watch your program is directly related to content. The quality, relevance, and presentation of your program’s content will translate directly into people’s decision to watch your particular program or to keep surfing.

2) Quality of Production: In the highly competitive world of television, the level of your production quality must meet and even exceed viewer expectations. For you, that means an ongoing commitment to creatively improving your production techniques.

3) Call to Action: Many ministry leaders are reluctant to clearly ask viewers to respond in specific ways — even though viewers will, in fact, tend to do what we ask them to do. An apologetic, watered-down, or confusing “ask” equals a weak presentation and, in turn, a weak response. Your call to action should be:

      • Clear: Whether your focus is related to ministry or finances, be clear and concise.
      • Direct: Give viewers specific steps as to how to respond.
      • Simple: Make it as easy as possible for viewers to do what you are asking them to do. This means making sure your “back office” is in good working order to provide a smooth, positive experience for a viewer during and after their initial response.

As you prepare your next program, do not forget that ministry impact is still your focus — and that you can gauge your success by lives changed and dollars raised. With this firmly in mind, you will not only achieve greater impact for God’s kingdom, but you will also become an even better steward of the resources that have been entrusted to you by the Lord.

Mark Dreistadt

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