Creating a memorable moment is a key factor for fundraising success

by Infinity Concepts | May 6, 2013 | Fundraising

Fundraising is critical to the life of every non-profit organization. Without adequate funding, the organization is not able to fulfill its mission. Most organizations continually try to find a better way to raise the money they need. One of the most popular methods for fundraising is a special event. But, not every special event is successful. Let’s take a look at some reasons why…

Often we focus all of our energy on planning the program for the event. We try so hard to make sure everyone and everything follows the strict agenda. But, we forget the most important element of the special event, which is the donor experience.

You may want to consider the following questions:

    • How can you create a donor experience that will motivate them to give and support your cause?
    • How can you create a special memorable moment that will captivate the donors instead of simply having a series of items on a program?

When planning a special event, you need to connect with and engage your donors. Think about the experience you are creating. Understand that the donor experience begins when you send out the invitation. Use words that are meaningful, captivating, and create a sense of excitement. Continually encourage them to come to the event.

The minute they walk into the venue be sure to create a warm and welcoming environment and let them know that they are important. A simple “We are so pleased that you are here” can go a long way with a donor.

The event itself should tell an emotional story that inspires the donor. They should feel attached to your cause and moved by your story. If a potential donor truly believes they can make a difference, they will want to share in your vision.

The overall donor experience is a big factor for a special event. It can help transform an informational experience into a special moment that will motivate donors to invest their time and money to support your cause and share in the vision.

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