What does a good logo look like?

by Infinity Concepts | Jul 22, 2013 | Branding, Creative

A logo provides for quick identification of your brand. Do people recognize your organization from the first look at your logo? Having a logo that accurately represents your brand is critical.

A good logo should be….

1) Memorable – A great logo should capture the audience’s attention. The logo may contain only a symbol, a symbol with a word, or a symbol with words and colors. An odd or unique shaped of symbol will capture the audience’s eyes and require more attention. This will lead to the consumer wanting to know more about the Logo. People learn in different ways. Two of the most popular learning techniques involve seeing or reading. Having a logo that incorporates a symbol of your business as well as your brand name will further help customers understand and remember your organization more easily.

2) Scalable – A great logo should be easy to reproduce in various types of media. For printed materials the logo should easily translate to the low quality of catalogs or mailings. In advertising the logo should look great in color or black and white. It is important that it delivers the same brand message even in gray scale. If your business uses billboards, trade show booths, or any other large item, the logo must be able to scale in size and still deliver the strong brand message. In the opposite fashion it should be able to be miniaturized to be used with logo pens, business cards, and other small promotional items.  Whether you create the logo yourself or have a professional agency do it for you, keep in mind that Adobe Illustrator is one of the best designing tools available. It is very important that your logo communicates the same message even when it appears in different sizes.

3) Representable – A great logo should relate to business. When a potential customer sees the logo they should be able to recall your business. It should capture the essence of the organization’s brand. Most organizations use their logo to support the building of a strong brand.  But a great logo will not only help with a strong brand, but it will also make your organization stand out, be easily recognizable, and help drive sales.

A great logo should help your organization and set you apart from others so make it memorable, meaningful, and easy to reproduce. Your logo is your organization’s first impression, so make it a great one.

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