Infinity Concepts: A History of Growth

by Mark Dreistadt | Sep 10, 2015 | Leadership, Public Relations

Pittsburgh Business Times recently honored Infinity Concepts as one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in Pittsburgh. This award is based on growth during a period of three years from 2012 through 2014. It does not look like this trend will change anytime soon, as Infinity Concepts continues to grow its portfolio of clients.

Growth – in different ways – has been a pattern for Infinity Concepts from the very beginning. Infinity Concepts was started in 2002 as a small consultancy to help Christian ministry organizations across the US. There were two simple goals:

  1. To help our clients become more strategic in their communications and operations.
  2. To provide a set of comprehensive services to strengthen our clients where they were weak and encourage them where they were strong.

Very quickly we discovered the needs of our clients fell into a broad spectrum of critical areas. After a few months, it was obvious that more help and additional expertise would be needed. During the course of 2003 Infinity Concepts grew to an eight-employee home-based operation. Neighbors were gracious, but it was clear that Infinity Concepts nstaffeeded a real office.

By mid-2005 Infinity Concepts found just the place. From this new office the dedicated staff worked with Christian ministries from New Jersey to California and Ohio to Texas. During those early years, the agency grew and the business model was refined until Infinity Concepts emerged as the Brand Communications agency it is today.

Brand Communications echoes back to our fundamental goals – to be strategic and comprehensive. We believe that a well-defined brand is where all good communications begin. The intentional brand then permeates advertising, public relations, fundraising, marketing, and even basic operations. This approach became the hallmark of Infinity Concepts work.

In 2006 the agency was given the opportunity to compete for the Israel Ministry of Tourism Christian marketing account. I had personally visited Israel a dozen times and taken hundreds of people with me. During my many visits I developed a love for the land and people of Israel. Much to our delight, Infinity Concepts was awarded the contract.

For the next five years – in addition to our work with our ministry clients – we worked on a daily basis with the Israeli leadership to promote travel to Israel to the Christian community throughout all of North and South America. This was a season that stretched our creativity and resources to new limits. During that time Infinity Concepts grew in depth and capability. Four out of the five years of our contract, Israel experienced record-breaking growth in tourism.

This rapid pace continued for over five years. But by 2011, the global economic challenges found their way to our door. Sadly, Infinity Concepts had to reduce the staff and rethink our model once again. With a leaner operation and a lot of fresh perspective Infinity Concepts began its current growth cycle in 2012.

God has blessed the hard work of the entire Infinity Concepts team. Today Infinity Concepts represents almost 30 clients with nearly a fourth of them based in Israel. In addition to the non-profit and ministry sectors, Infinity Concepts has clients in healthcare, hospitality, broadcasting, retail, and tourism. The future is bright for Infinity Concepts… to God be the glory!

Mark Dreistadt

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