7 Quick Tips To Improve Your Digital Acquisition Campaigns

by George Konetes | Apr 20, 2018 | Digital, Fundraising

Simply stated, digital acquisition is the process of using digital marketing to reach new people and persuade them to join your email list. More efficient digital acquisition campaigns benefit everyone, including those who are cultivating audiences for fundraising purposes, volunteer outreaches, or product promotions. If you are using digital platforms, specifically social media, to build your email list, these seven tips will help you squeeze a little bit more out of your budget.

  1. Test images and videos – The internet has become a video playground but don’t assume video works better. Always test compelling still images also.
  2. Test small then go big – Save the bulk of your budget until your testing identifies a creative and audience combination that produces efficiently for you.
  3. Minimize distractions – Focus your message and options, and remove any copy, imagery, links, colloquialisms, and even statistics that are not critical to communicate your message. This is primarily for landing pages.
  4. Never do something that is ineffective just because you planned to – Everyone may agree an idea looked good on paper but when you start executing you may realize something about it will not work as expected. Stop, analyze, and make adjustments right away.
  5. Rushing is noticeable – Pushing too fast to launch something will show through. It is important to take the time needed to get quality creative and setup the right process.
  6. Leads are people, not numbers – You may have a quota to reach, but ultimately every lead is a person who needs to be treated thoughtfully if you hope to persuade them to do something after you gain their contact information.
  7. Learn from every failure – Not every test will be successful, but if it fails, don’t immediately move on and try something new. Focus on learning why something failed and you will walk away better equipped for the next round and for every campaign after that.

Need more tips or help executing these ones? Let’s talk about how we can partner with your organization to help take your acquisition campaigns to the next level.

George Konetes

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