Find Your Own Yard Sign

by Infinity Concepts | Apr 3, 2018 | Branding, Creative, Fundraising, Public Relations

We’ve all seen it: the yard sign. They are most often used for political campaigns, the local pizzeria, and sometimes to tell people to slow down as they drive through a neighborhood. They can be overwhelming, or maybe we don’t even slow down to take notice. But, when the message, the area, and the delivery are working in concert together, they can be commandingly effective.

My church uses yard signs frequently for marketing summer kids’ promotions, Easter services, and any other big event for the community. They work beautifully. My community is made up of large old homes built closely together on tree-lined streets. The houses are filled with young families or people who have lived there for decades; possibly even generations. They know their neighbors well and take pride in where they live and who they live around. Yard signs are the perfect way to grab their attention and start a conversation.

But yard signs don’t work in every neighborhood. As a matter of fact, my church is comprised of satellite churches – six to be exact. And some of them have found that putting money into yard signs is a colossal waste of funds. And, that’s okay.

Ministries and organizations need to be honest in their assessment of who they are, but more importantly, who they are trying to reach. Each of our six churches delivers the exact same sermon at each location, for each service. But how the congregants are engaged and encouraged to attend are dramatically different.

Though your branding and your messaging should stay consistent with who you are, the avenues in which you are reaching your audience must stay flexible. This often takes testing and reassessing – sometimes frequently.

Your supporters believe in your organization, or they wouldn’t continue to come back. But maybe some of them can be reached on Christian television, while others are most accessible online. Keep an open mind on how to deliver that message to them.

Take a deep dive into who makes up your pool of consumers and what makes them similar, but also what makes them different. Their differences may just be the key to figuring out how to effectively reach them.

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