Five Innovative Fundraising Ideas

by Infinity Concepts | Jan 10, 2020 | Consulting, Fundraising

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives and is a powerful tool for raising support for your organization. Most groups have a blend of traditional and digital aspects to their fundraising efforts, but it is easy to get stuck with what you are doing. This guide will help get your creative juices flowing and add some fun to your fundraising!

  1. Create a one-day flash fundraiser day Giving Tuesday is a great example of how a special day was created to generate buzz and a reason for people to give. Think of days that are significant for your audience, such as the founding of your organization or the birthday of someone vital to your history and do a one-day flash fundraiser. Create a buzz on your social media platforms and through your email list leading up to the special day and keep supporters regularly updated with results, urging people to continue giving. Having special thank-you gifts available that donors can only qualify for on that day is also a good idea to keep the momentum going.
  2. Hold an online silent auction Having a silent auction does not have to only happen at a gala or large-scale fundraising event. Many CRMs interface easily with online auction software, or have the feature built in. Ask local merchants, board members, and volunteers for items or experiences that will be auctioned to your supporters. It would be best to have a limited number of items, sticking to what will store and ship easily, without adding too much cost. Set a realistic fundraising goal based on the financial capacity of your donor list. Determining the fair market value of the items will help you set your starting bids. Make sure that you set the starting bids at no less than 50% of the market price so that you do not upset the item’s donor. Promote your auction on your newsletter, website, and social media platforms and have a great fundraiser!
  3. Utilize Your Board Members Do you have board members who are experts in cooking, writing, or business? Have them put their special skills to work for a fundraiser by hosting “How To” workshops and charge an admission with all proceeds going to charity. Be creative as this is also an effective way to get your board members to have a different kind of role in your fundraising efforts. A cooking contest with your board and donors battling in a friendly competition for a good cause might also be popular.
  4. Recurring donor blitz Donors who give on a recurring basis contribute far more than those who only donate occasionally. Run similarly to the one-day flash fundraiser, the results of a recurring donor blitz will have long-term benefits.
  5. Matching gift challenge One of main reasons why millennials donate to a cause is due to matching gift challenges. Donors love knowing that what they are giving has an even greater impact than it normally does. Many employers of your donors have matching gift programs, but your best bet is going to your closest supporters, namely your board. Ask them if they will pitch in for a matching gift challenge, or if they can find partners to join them in the challenge.

If you want to explore any of these ideas to reach your current or potential donors, Infinity Concepts is here to help you. Our innovative and creative strategies are tailored for your unique needs and audience.

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